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  • 12.12.2020 г.

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It looks like I will be ordering the FTM 2019 upgrade so I can update my merged trees. I previously had an HP PS with Windows 7 and had FTM 2014, I think, on it.

Margaret, you can delete your old tree or move it to a backup location, and then rename the restored tree to the original name. I guess I should contact FTM tech support rather than posting this here. To anyone reading this, I’m conscious, in reading it over myself, that it could be interpreted as an endorsement of MacFT. I was originally with FamTM and bought MacFT when Ancestry was going to ditch FamTM. It took me months to reorganise things in both apps so they were a better fit.

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  • Since Legacy 8 is your best recommendation, I will take a look at it.
  • Especially like the color code idea, i like using colors to differentiate things, they make it so much easier and organized.
  • Funny thing that same sex marriages are not in the setting probably the software only recognizes a male and a female to be a spouse.
  • Thank you for introducing me to all these five best genealogy software, you are resourceful and I think they are cool!

(Obviously they still aren’t.) I keep up with both programs because they both have different things I like. The lament is with the inconsistent use of GEDCOM by different programs. I did get mine 3 days ago and I also paid 39.35$ CAD for it. I was mostly worried of its ability to sync with Ancestry.

There are some things that don’t sync between Ancestry and FTM; see this list. Betty, the simple answer is “yes.” FTM 2019 will load all of your FTM 2012 trees. However, it will convert them to a new format, so make sure you have backup copies in a safe place first. I am now looking for a software that will sync with ancestry. You don’t even need to transfer FTM 11 to it, unless it has some trees you also want to migrate. FTM 11 might not work on Windows 10 anyway (I’m not a Windows expert).

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You have convinced me that I need to upgrade from my old FTM 11.0 which currently runs on a Windows 10 laptop. I want to be able to use FTM 2019, on a newly purchased iMac as well as said laptop, so as well as the software download, I also need a Family license which I believe covers cover up to 3 machines . What is unclear from my Daemon Tools reading of the MacKiev website is whether the download needs to see an older version on each machine or whether it is in fact a full new implementation of the product.

Of course, once I copied that to a USB Flash Drive, I could not load it onto the Mac, as there was no FTM at the time for Mac. Now that FTM 2019 for Mac is available, idc I purchase the new program, will it accept my copied Windows 7 version of FTM or will I need to re-enter all the information on my 8,000 entries. I’ve heard of people with 100K people or more being able to sync their trees (but who has really researched 100K people LoL!). FTM 2019 can create competent fan charts without garbled ancestors in PDF format at any size you specify , but I don’t think they’re very pretty. It can display them in the Pedigree View, which looks much like Ancestry’s. Most changes that you make in one place will sync to all other trees that are linked, whether they’re on Ancestry or on another device. That’s right, you can sync an Ancestry tree with multiple FTM trees.

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